the insert credit podcast, episode 13 – shave and a haircut with justin mcelroy


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OK, time to be real with you guys: the week before we started this podcast, I wrote a secret list of twenty-five goals I hoped to achieve through this. Getting to hang out with Joystiq‘s, Polygon‘s, and My Brother My Brother and Me‘s Justin McElroy for an hour was Number Four. I was not disappointed. (Frank, tim, and Brandon are there too.) Below the cut . . . uh, a far less creepy list Continue reading

Rokko Chan Soundtracks, Peace Winds Japan

There’s a new indiegogo campaign benefiting the Tohoku relief initiative in japan, one year after the quake. Essentially, you’re buying digital (or physical) soundtracks with the money going to benefit those affected by the earthquake.

One of the neater additions is two lengthy mixtapes by the telefuture label. Plus, helping! Peace Winds Japan is the charity of choice, and you can also get the La Mulana soundtracks, music from Mega-Ran, Laura Shigihara, and a bunch of other stuff – so go for it, yes?

the insert credit podcast, episode twelve – (#episodename)


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Oh hey! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, we got another one of these. This week the frank/tim/brandon collective and I are joined by celebrated wordsmith and gamesman Hamish Petertodd. For your enjoyment and edification, we discuss the following topics:

1. Returning dead franchises to the Wii U
2. Competitive cosplay
3. Launch libraries
4. Video game we will never, ever play
5. Dr. Wily vs. Dr. Robotnik
6. Our hopes, dreams, thoughts and feelings
7. A game about Goombas
8. Novelizations
9. Unique instruments on video game soundtracks
10. Terrible unmade game ideas

Thanks again to Andrew Toups for the sound editing and original music, and thanks to all of you who have been leaving us reviews on iTunes and sharing us with your friends! If you want to drop your own two cents into the show, be it a question or an audio recording of 60 seconds or less, you can get in touch through

One more thing: there’s this event called IndieCade that will be happening in two weeks. It’s an “International Festival of Independent Games”. I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of both those nouns and their modifying adjectives! It will also be the place where we perform our first LIVE Insert Credit Podcast, complete with real time video. Watch this space for more details!

alex “gorblax” jaffe dreams of spreadsheets

the insert credit podcast, episode eleven – big head mode with adam saltsman


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If you are reading this blurb on the insert credit home page and also own an iPhone, then you have probably played CANABALTAdam Saltsman, the man who created CANABALT and is probably owed something like a billion dollars from Temple Run, joins the Insert Credit Crew for an hour and change for the following topics:

1. Video game depictions of Hell
2. The appeal of giant robots
3. GTA 20
4. Kill Marry Boff, Round 3
5. Demakes
6. A video game journalism death pool
7. Crossovers
8. The old Nokia phone I had in high school that only played Snake
9. Greenlight vs. Steam TV vs. Valv-O-Vision
10. The Dreamworks of Video Games

Thanks once again to our audio mixer in residence Andrew Toups. As usual, if you’d like to contribute in some small way to our rousing success of a podcast, you can leave us feedback on iTunes, send in your own questions to, or send an MP3 recording (60 seconds in length or less) answering one of our own questions to that very same address. Share and Enjoy!

alex “gorblax” jaffe  apologizes in advance for the roberto benigni jokes

the insert credit podcast, episode ten – my neighbor totilo


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 Hey there insert credit faithfuls! Thanks for sticking with us up to our tenth episode extravaganza. This week, Kotaku editor in chief Stephen Totilo joins Frankie ‘n’ Tim-Tom ‘n’ BranBran in celebration of this nice, round milestone. Together, we discuss:

1. Spending a $1000 GameStop gift card
2. The DualShock’s 15th birthday
3. Tears for Fears
4. People who comment under online video game articles as the lowest form of humanity (not counting you guys obviously!!!)
5. Expectations for the Metal Gear Solid movie
6. Mistakes to avoid when designing a dungeon
7. Planning Tony Hawk’s comeback
8. Soap operas as video games
9. The ultimate driving mix tape
10. The best quote from a video game to put on your tombstone

 I guarantee at the very least our usual rifeness with both insight and hilarity! Extra thanks to tim, who stepped in for sound editing duties while Toups is away at his big brother’s wedding. Mazel Tov, Elder Toups!

Our album art this week was designed by the embarrassingly talented Ghastly Gilbert Smith. Check out more of his work here!

 You know the drill, guys: leave us a review on iTunes, tweet about us with the hashtag #insertcredit, send in your questions to, and send your recorded MP3 answers in 60 seconds or less to that same address!

OR HEY: Why not send us your own insert credit fan art? If I end up eating my hair over how wonderful it is, I’ll probably use it as the header for a future podcast! Here’s to another ten BILLION episodes.

alex “gorblax” jaffe would really appreciate it if you didn’t let brandon know he called him ‘branbran’