the insert credit podcast, episode eleven – big head mode with adam saltsman

| Jaffe


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If you are reading this blurb on the insert credit home page and also own an iPhone, then you have probably played CANABALTAdam Saltsman, the man who created CANABALT and is probably owed something like a billion dollars from Temple Run, joins the Insert Credit Crew for an hour and change for the following topics:

1. Video game depictions of Hell
2. The appeal of giant robots
3. GTA 20
4. Kill Marry Boff, Round 3
5. Demakes
6. A video game journalism death pool
7. Crossovers
8. The old Nokia phone I had in high school that only played Snake
9. Greenlight vs. Steam TV vs. Valv-O-Vision
10. The Dreamworks of Video Games

Thanks once again to our audio mixer in residence Andrew Toups. As usual, if you’d like to contribute in some small way to our rousing success of a podcast, you can leave us feedback on iTunes, send in your own questions to, or send an MP3 recording (60 seconds in length or less) answering one of our own questions to that very same address. Share and Enjoy!

alex “gorblax” jaffe  apologizes in advance for the roberto benigni jokes


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