the insert credit podcast, episode 13 – shave and a haircut with justin mcelroy

| Jaffe


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OK, time to be real with you guys: the week before we started this podcast, I wrote a secret list of twenty-five goals I hoped to achieve through this. Getting to hang out with Joystiq‘s, Polygon‘s, and My Brother My Brother and Me‘s Justin McElroy for an hour was Number Four. I was not disappointed. (Frank, tim, and Brandon are there too.) Below the cut . . . uh, a far less creepy list

1. Where to live if you’re stuck in a video game
2. PlayStation Trophies
3. Sid Meier vs. American McGee
4. Games we got as gifts
5. Bronycore
6. Final Fantasy: The Board Game
7. Browser-based video games to play at work
8. The best games of 2012 . . . and how terrible they are
9. Whither Thou Yahoo
10. Ideal games for speedrunnin’

…And here are some pictures!

fig. a – american mcgee’s house
fig. b – identity thief
fig. c – identity thief
fig. d – identity thief
fig. e – girl who had her identity stolen (pictured above)

Thanks again to Andrew Toups for making this disaster of a recording session sound actually listenable. Equal thanks are in order to “Ghastly” Gilbert Smith, who sent in this week’s listener response! You guys should totally keep sending me your own questions and responses of 60 seconds or less at I totally love that crap. Hoop it up!

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