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Hey, kids! We know last week’s episode was a little spooky, so we’re calming things down this week with a quiet affair with just tim, frank, brandon and yours truly. You know, like it was in the first month of the podcast, except this time we almost know what we’re doing. I think this is one of our best episodes! But don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself after hearing us cover these astounding topics:

1. Sanford and Son on the PlayStation Vita
2. Polygon’s search for an identity
3. Preorder bonuses and collector’s editions
4. Surviving the Devil
5. Explaining Dishonored to your mom
6. Disney’s LucasArts buyout (LucasArts’ Disney buyout? One of those)
7. Spoiler-free Portal 3 predictions
8. Square Enix charging us like 15 bucks for mobile games
9. The P.T. Barnum of video games
10. Owning a GameCube

MORE GOOD NEWS: The Insert Credit Podcast is now on Facebook! If you’re one of the billion people on this planet with a Facebook account, you can use the pre-built Facebook interface to indicate that you like us by hitting the button with the thumbs-up sign (in many cultures, the hand signal which indicates approval) and the word “like”. Discuss our episodes, our topics, our music, our game show rounds, tell us who you want on the show, who you’d like back on the show, which of our panelists is the cutest, and meet your fellow fans.

While you’re using the internet to indicate your approval of this podcast, you can go to iTunes and leave us a rating and review, or email me at with your feedback, your fanmail, your questions for future episodes, or your own audio recording of 60 seconds or less responding to one of our previous topics. Special thanks once again to Andrew Toups for knocking it out of the sound-editing park this week.

And as for you, listeners: as the Pokemon Center nurse ominously says, “We hope to see you again!”

alex jaffe once preordered kingdom hearts: 358/2 days for the puffy stickers but never got them


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