the insert credit podcast, episode 23 – antcopter

| Jaffe


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1. Q*Bert, narrated
2. Anatomy of a Fake Gamer
3. Internal Game Economies
4. SimCity wish lists
5. The Spike TV Video Game Awards: for your consideration
6. Essential music for Grand Theft Auto V
7. Wikipedia: The Game
8. The history of games as a male activity
9. Overused protagonist archetypes
10. The most pretentious video game ever made

Francoise Hardy – “Le Temps d’Amour”
Jacques Dutronc – “Les Playboys”
France Gall – “Teeny Weeny Boppie”
Francoise Hardy – “Ce Petit Coeur”

Cifaldi, Frank
Rogers, Tim
Sheffield, Brandon

Sound Editing:
Andrew Toups

I’m Alex Jaffe.


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