the insert credit podcast, episode 25 – grateful deadly with jordan morris

| Jaffe


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This week, Jordan, Jesse GO!‘s Jordan Morris joins the list of guests I specifically started this show for the express purpose of getting on the podcast. Together with frank, tim, and brandon, we discuss:

1. Video games of Christmas Past
2. Fighting games as an Olympic event
3. Comedy in Japanese games vs. comedy in American games
4. Adrien Brody’s Predators: The Official Game of the Movie
5. Santa Games
6. What defines a good side quest
7. Chun-Li as a sex icon
8. Mid-nineties mascot design
9. The Grateful Dead of video games?
10. A GOD HAND Christmas Miracle

And, of course, our music list:
Lemon Demon – BRODYQUEST
Add N to (X) – Metal Fingers In My Body
Add N to (X) – Revenge Of The Black Regent

Sound editing provided by Andrew Toups. Join us next week for our end of the year podcast! We’ve already revealed our Game of the Year, but there’s plenty more to talk about where that came from. And, in TWO weeks, we will begin what we hope will be an annual tradition where we re-evaluate the Best Video Games of All Time. If you’d like us to consider a game, submit your nomination to, and follow the news in our Facebook group.

“Yabba Dabba Doo”
alex jaffe (as made famous by Fred Flintstone, as made even more famous by tim rogers)


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