the insert credit 2012 retrospectacular

| Jaffe


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The Oakland Three reminisces upon the highlights of this fiscal year through the lens of events in the world of the video game entertainment medium. The topics discussed are these:

0) Tim’s victory assignment
1) The most memorable moment in a video game this year
2) The greatest disappointment this year
3) Who won 2012
4) Video Games’ Person of the Year
5) 2012: Year of the Kickstarter
6) Vita vs. Wii U
7) New Year’s Resolutions
8) Game of the Year 2013
9) Closing thoughts

Sound editing provided by Andrew Toups, with music from The Zombies (“This Will Be Our Year”) and Neu! (Fur Immer). Next week, we will finally settle once and for all (until next year) what should be considered the Greatest Game of All Time. There have been a whole lot of video games, though, so we are only considering those nominated by you, the listener: e-mail your choice for Best Game Ever to, and who knows? We may just prove you right.

-alex jaffe believes that while 2012 was pretty nice overall, it was no 2010


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