the insert credit podcast, episode 78 – hot tunes and cool chooms


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Insert Credit Has Zoop and It’s Jaffe’s Fault.

  1. Great Ideas Already Done
  2. Irrational Games
  3. Twitch Plays Pokemon
  4. Monthly Video Game Comic Books
  5. Most Back-Handed Compliment
  6. Your Video Game Boss
  7. Lightning Round Bottom Line Review Arcade Edition
  8. Lightning 2 Who Would Win in a Fight
  9. Lightning Returns Returns Elevator Pitch Co-Op Edition

Music ‘The Ego Room’ from Remember Me and the Zoop Soundtrack.

the insert credit podcast, episode 77 – the crybox


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Insert Credit Celebra las Consolas de los Muertos.

  1. Brandon at D.I.C.E.
  2. Save Nintendo
  3. Successful Breaks Out of the Comfort Zone
  4. Mobile Birds
  5. Fictional Vehicles
  6. Video Game Holidays
  7. Good Castlevanias
  8. Nullify One Trademark, Copyright, or Patent
  9. Smash Mouth’s All Star of VGM
  10. Lightning Round Best to Worst

Music ‘Terra’s Theme’ from Final Fantasy VI Performed by YouTube User DSCAccount and ‘Lonely Rolling Star’ from Noby Noby Boy.

the insert credit podcast, episode 76 – iceberg podcast


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Insert Credit is the Opposite of Cool Spot (That’s a good thing, trust us).

  1. Disparate Worlds Tactics
  2. The Series for WayForward
  3. Dreamcast VMU
  4. Accidental Greatness
  5. Surprises in Games
  6. Edutainment
  7. Lightning Round Opposite Day.

Music ‘In The Mountain’ by Yuzo Koshiro from Stickman Is Back Genesis, ‘Title Theme’ from Forever Kingdom (Evergrace 2), ‘Wild Child & Manmos’ by Yasuyuki Suzuki and Emiko Suganuma from Tail of the Sun PSX, and nearly the entire Frog Fractions Soundtrack by Twinbeard.

the insert credit podcast, episode 75 – simply impossiblag


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  1. Easily Fixable Game Ruiners
  2. No More Localization
  3. Best to Worst
  4. Three Laws of Video Games
  5. Favorite Stage One Boss
  6. Themed Arcade
  7. Cover Stories for a Video Game Celebrity Magazine
  8. Lightning Round Title Design

Music “Boss 3” and “Stage 4” from Gunhouse. Gunhouse is available now for PS Vita and PlayStation Mobile!

-blaine brown