the insert credit podcast, episode 76 – iceberg podcast

| Blaine Brown


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Insert Credit is the Opposite of Cool Spot (That’s a good thing, trust us).

  1. Disparate Worlds Tactics
  2. The Series for WayForward
  3. Dreamcast VMU
  4. Accidental Greatness
  5. Surprises in Games
  6. Edutainment
  7. Lightning Round Opposite Day.

Music ‘In The Mountain’ by Yuzo Koshiro from Stickman Is Back Genesis, ‘Title Theme’ from Forever Kingdom (Evergrace 2), ‘Wild Child & Manmos’ by Yasuyuki Suzuki and Emiko Suganuma from Tail of the Sun PSX, and nearly the entire Frog Fractions Soundtrack by Twinbeard.


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