the insert credit podcast, episode 79 – weird ninja turtles fan fiction

| Blaine Brown


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Insert Credit is Both the Sin and Punishment.

  1. Less Blank and More Blank
  2. Most Fun Projectile Catching
  3. Custom Soundtrack
  4. Video Game Olympic Representatives
  5. Improv Zone
  6. Most Unpleasant Console Game to Work On
  7. Personalities to Create a Game
  8. Microtransactions in Nintendo Games
  9. Willy Wonka and the Video Game Factory
  10. Lightning Round Rank the Devil May Cry Games

Music ‘Beach Stage’ from Flying Power Disc – Windjammers for the Neo Geo and ‘Monday (Glitch Mob Remix)’ by Nalepa from the DmC Devil May Cry Trailer.


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