the insert credit podcast, episode 82 – did i say gogo?

| Blaine Brown


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Insert Credit Knows Nobody Cares About Robin.

  1. Saving Video Game History with Frank and Brandon
  2. GDC Recap
  3. Best 3D Single Player Hand-to-Hand Combat
  4. FFVI – Name All Party Members and Add a Fifteenth
  5. Games Other Than Dark Souls 2
  6. Lowest Percentage Completion Single Player Game
  7. Restaurant Staffed by Video Game Professionals
  8. Worst and Most-Listened-To Song in a Video Game
  9. Did Facebook and Oculus End the Kickstarter Dream?
  10. Lightning Round Game Rater

Music ‘Ape Escape Theme’ Ape Escape for the PlayStation Move (Japanese Version), ‘Victory Fanfare’ from Final Fantasy VI, ‘Bubble Bobble Theme’ from Bubble Bobble Covered by Lara de Wit.


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