the insert credit podcast, episode 91 – flip the bard


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Insert Credit Spins those Nordic Tracks.

  1. Steam Sale 2015
  2. Third Place Game Dev
  3. Death by Impact
  4. Get Hit to Win
  5. Friends Preferences
  6. Most Lost
  7. Custom Soundtrack Far Cry 4 Edition
  8. Assassin’s Creed Series Assassinated
  9. Lightning Round Title Design – Decepticons

Music ‘Tuffy Theme’ from Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones, ‘Vast Plain Grasslands (Day)’ from Wario Land 3, and ‘8-Bit Chicken Dance’ by Newgrounds User Fineas.

the insert credit podcast, episode 89 – bon appetit


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Who Crotches the Crotchmen?

  1. Frank Recap
  2. Make E3 Less Boring
  3. A Line in a Game Movie
  4. Worst Levels
  5. Alternate History Games
  6. Greatest Failings of Game Engines
  7. Alien Developers
  8. Misunderstanding Sequels
  9. Improv Zone Minor League Gaming
  10. Lightning Round Hyper-Specific Japanese Genres

Music ‘Race Around the World’ from Castle Crashers, ‘Labyrinth Zone’ and ‘Marble Zone’ from Sonic 1, ‘Aiden Pearce (Main Theme)’ from Watch Dogs, and ‘Aban Hawkins Theme’ from Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes.

the insert credit podcast, episode 88 – arctic blast


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One of Those Skullguys.

  1. Best Sega Games Outside of the Genesis Library
  2. Kanto Careers
  3. Best Crowd
  4. Xbox One and PS4 Revisited
  5. Personal Robot Maid
  6. Fighting Game Directors
  7. Cool Cartoons
  8. Lightning Round Design an Original Skull Girl

Music ‘Lament’ and ‘Maplecrest Stage’ from Skullgirls and ‘8-Bit Chicken Dance’ by Newgrounds User Fineas.