Your old Cutlass: an E3 Story

A green hue presses through the fake fog that smells faintly like overcooked marshmallows. A crowd gathers in front of the stage, and a phone call draws me to the back of the auditorium.

“He ain’t doin’ good. He’s gonna to die soon.”

”Oh, um…”

”What about gettin’ paid?”

”Sorry, what’s that again?”

”Will I still be gettin’ paid?”

”Don’t worry. We’ll take care of that. Should I come home?”

Deep breath, heartbeats mute the murmuring crowd in the room ahead, and my heart is quietly crushed. Concrete. Darkness, then a green hue, pressing through. Burnt marshmallows. Continue reading

the insert credit podcast, episode 93 – multivarious ravioli


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Insert Credit discusses Evo with guest Patrick Miller.

  1. Personal Highlight of Evo
  2. Evo Trading Cards
  3. Tier System
  4. Low Tier Tournaments
  5. More Representation
  6. Girl Characters
  7. Creative Evo Prizes
  8. PlayStation One Controller
  9. Predictions for Evo 2015
  10. Lightning Round Bottom Line Review – Games of Evo

Music ‘The Next Door’ From Super Street Fighter IV and ‘Reach Out To The Truth’ from Persona 4 Arena.

the insert credit podcast, episode 92 – podcastiversary ii – substance


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We Probably Won’t But We Might.

  1. Next Fad After Zombies
  2. Prison Games
  3. Ideal Roommate
  4. Is the PS Vita Worth Buying Yet?
  5. Pinball
  6. Best Dog
  7. Hideo Kojima vs. Peter Molyneux
  8. Improv Zone
  9. Citizen Kane of Video Games
  10. Lightning Round Title Design – Video Games Based on Titles of Episodes of this Very Podcast Edition

Music ‘Tetris The Movie’ by YouTube user Plasma3Music Remixes and ‘4 Minutes Before Death ~ Variation’ from Ghost Trick Phantom Detective.