the insert credit show, episode 96 – two darn fish playin’ street fighter


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Insert Credit Drives into an Open Grave.

  1. Swing Copters
  2. Design a Vertical Scrolling iOS Game
  3. Subverting the Game World
  4. Night Trap Kickstarter
  5. Games of 1996
  6. IQ Test – Unknown Developers
  7. Wikipedia List of Video Games Considered the Best Part Two.

Music ‘Map Theme (ElecV 100bpm Remix)’ by YouTube User ElecV Voom based on Gargoyle’s Quest and ‘Town Theme’ from Wild Arms.

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The new insert credit… again.

I will admit the last reboot didn’t exactly go as planned. While the idea was solid, and we were initially enthusiastic, we petered out pretty fast after those first few months, and most of us didn’t post many articles thereafter. We had a few great ones! But in the end it kind of fizzled.

So then came the podcast – we’ve done it for two years, now. It wound up becoming the focus of insert credit for some time, and people quite liked it! Recently though, we’ve been thinking about what we want from this. If we’re going to invest time in it, the audience needs to build, so we thought about a few ways we might do that without changing things too drastically, or making it too much work for ourselves (because if it becomes a lot of work, we just won’t do it – that’s what happened last time). Here’s what we’ve come up with – we will roll this all out slowly, and it may change somewhat, but here’s the current plan.

1) Scaling down. insert credit will just be brandon, tim, and frank. There will be guests, but in the way that Idle Thumbs is just those guys, insert credit will just be us guys, content-wise. This is more of a conceptual change than a structural one, but since we all live near each other, this also opens up the kinds of things we can do.

2) The insert credit audio show. This replaces the podcast, and will eventually have a better visual component, while still having an audio-only version. Since we’ll now all be able to be in the same location, we can slowly make the livestream and video component more interesting – watching talking heads is not very engaging. We will also not talk over each other or have lag anymore, because we’re in the same room! That’s nice. The format will also change – it will be looser than the initial 10 question/6-minute format, with the intention of building some articles out of the audio content over the period of months, kind of integrating the whole thing.

3) The insert credit video show. Though all the names are subject to change, this will be a livestream in which we play through games we think are interesting. We’ll play all the way through them, in installments, and the only rule we’ll have is that one person in the group knows the game well, and that person is not playing. They’re more of a coach for the player(s).

4) Article content. Articles will remain! Tim and I both have articles we’re ready to put up, and just haven’t yet. But much more interesting than that will be our formspring (or integration. We plan to have a field people can fill out to ask us game-oriented questions. We will go through these, pick the best ones, and write responses to them in article form. As mentioned, the audio show will also influence some article content – building lists of best games over time, or weaving together narratives.

That’s pretty much the plan, overall. A new version of the site is currently being worked on to reflect these changes, and we’re pretty confident this will generate a lot more interesting content than we had before. This should also more closely integrate the audience with the whole experience. Many of you have known or interacted with us for years, and we’re hoping this will bring everyone closer to the experience.

There will be some growing pains, to be sure, but please bear with us as we gradually turn this into a bigger and better thing!

the insert credit show, episode 94 – episode ninety-five


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Insert Credit Explores the Heart of Dogness.

  1. Single Adjective Titles
  2. Stupider than Watch Dogs
  3. 30 FPS Preferrers
  4. This Week in Video Game News
  5. Best Game with the Word Dog in the Title
  6. Modern Celebrity Video Game
  7. Wikipedia List of Video Games Considered the Best Part One

Music ‘Strike the Earth!’ From Shovel Knight and ‘Attagirl’ from OneChanbara.