News: Xibalba Studios news

Not long ago we reported a rumor about a Mexican game coming to XBLA by Xibalba Studios. Although this still remains a rumor, Xibalba Studios has launched a new webpage. Here, among other things, we found out they have acquired a license for Vision Engine 6, a cross-platform 3D game engine, and they are the attending Game Developers Conference next month. They will announce their next game during the first half of 2008 and it is still for a still non-specified gaming console.

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Rumor: Mexican game coming to XBLA

Xibalba Studios, Mexican game development company, may be working on what could be the first Mexican Xbox Live Arcade game (and the first 100% Mexican game to appear on a game console ever). It’s said it could be a karting game but no more details were given.

I contacted them, and the Xibalba Studios guys said they were not yet ready to talk about their games, also, the Jambitz blog entry where I first saw the news posted is gone! Now it’s even gone from Google’s cache! (It was still there one week ago).

How suspicious… Still, I think it’s happening, but not as soon as it was reported. I’ll keep you informed.

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News: Creanimax 2007 Game Development Contest winners

momo.jpgCreanimax (animation and videogame festival in Mexico) took place earlier this month. Although it’s just the second time it was held, it’s definitively an event to keep an eye on. The conferences and workshops were top notch with international exhibitors like Lionhead Studios, Wanako Games, Eidos and Epic Games, among others. The expo show floor is still lacking: entries for the International Videogame Contest weren’t playable (or even showcased) and stands were few and not that interesting. I hope they work hard on improving these aspects of the festival for the next year’s edition.

Anyways, the International Videogame Contest winners are:

1.- Tempo (Cristian Pastor, Spain)

2.- Momo Adventures (Dreamchaser Interactive, Mexico)

3.- Lost Word Temple (Isaac Barbosa/H

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Off-topic: We are the strange

This is not really about videogames, but it is heavily inspired by them. “Mosters Inc. meets The Nightmare Before Christmas inside of a retro Japanese video game” is how they describe We Are The Strange, an independent film presented at the last Sundance Film Festival. It’s a mix of 8-bit and 3D graphics with a really absurd story line, chip tunes, cheesy retro sounds and lots of weirdness. Watch the trailer.

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News: Nuts & Scrap

nuts.jpgRight from Spain comes DevilishGames to deliver this action-adventure game featuring nice rendered graphics and simple (and sometimes frustrating) trial-and-error gameplay that retro gamers may enjoy. You control a couple of robots in a side view, one screen at a time, while avoiding obstacles and damaging your robot enemies with your humorously placed water gun.

You can watch the official trailer or download the game demo (Available for Windows and Linux). This game was released about a year ago, but didn’t get much notice back then…

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Youtube: Yuzo Koshiro galore

On August 22, game music legend Yuzo Koshiro will be attending the Symphonic Game Music Concert and autograph session in Leipzig, Germany. An arrangement of music from New Super Mario Bros. that he made is gonna be performed.

If you are not one of the lucky ones attending, here you can watch (and listen) to a musical tribute to Yuzo Koshiro. Although it misses some key games, it’s quite good.
You can also watch Yuzo DJing at some club in Tokyo. People even get excited when they see the man himself blasting his best Bare Knuckle techno tracks. (Part: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Finally, we have an interview (in Japanese) where he talks about The Scheme and Wangan Midnight.

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News: The King of Peru 2

Kop2cover.jpgThe developer of The King of Peru 2, Twin Eagles Group, claims this to be ‘the first videogame developed and published on CD-ROM in Peru’. It is basically a one-on-one fighting game featuring Peruvian politicians, which is ‘heavily inspired’ by The King of Fighters (so much so that it rips off some of its sprites – check here).

Although the game is sold out, the authors never saw a single dollar, as the publisher Micronics never paid them anything. And so, they were sued and awarded a small animated gif of a hand giving the finger, and many other insulting images by the Twin Eagles Group.

Interestingly enough, TEG talks more about the lawsuit and how they got cheated than about the game itself (read about it here in English). I wonder how the guys at SNK are feeling after having all their KoF character sprites stolen… A severe case of bad karma, I would say…

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News: Creanimax Seminars and Conferences

Remember not long ago we talked about Creanimax, a Mexican games conference? Well, the names of some of the people who are gonna be there giving seminars/conferences have finally surfaced: Mark Walsh (Animation supervisor in Pixar’s Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and Rattatouile), Borislav Petrov (Technical director for Superman Returns and Scooby Doo), Yves Bordeleau (CEO of Wicked Studios, creators of the game Keepsake) and Ernesto Galves (CEO of Immersion Games, creators of Cell Factor: Revolution). More info when available.

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