News: Akiba Pro Wrestling

akiba.jpg Noted wallower in otaku culture, sometimes Famitsu contributor and all the time professional wrestler Kikutaro (livedoor / myspace) has a group called Akiba Pro Wrestling that recently promoted a show at Tokyo’s Differ Ariake with support from a bunch of comic and game publishers, including Capcom and Konami. So that means wrestling matches featuring Street Fighter IV and Metal Gear Solid 4 characters. Ryu, Balrog and El Fuerte fought some guys, while vaguely militaristic Metal Gear types pulled airsoft rifles and talked on communications screens in the main event. You can click those links for lengthy blow-by-blow reports. I was really excited when I saw that Balrog would be appearing, until I remembered in Japan he’s not the gigaton punch guy.

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News: Raiden IV coming to Xbox 360, seriously

raiden_iv_fami.jpgIt was mentioned here nearly a year and a half ago that Raiden IV would be released on Xbox 360, which was pretty surprising for all the reasons stated at that time. The routine leak of Famitsu pages has finally confirmed that the 360 version of Raiden IV is real and will be released in Japan on September 11th for 7140 yen. As evidenced by the price, this is a retail release, not XBLA. It has arcade mode, console mode with two new stages, score attack, boss rush, world ranking, replay functions and a model gallery. The article also discusses several display options

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News: German nerds busted during spate of PC Engine revelry

2007-11-04-207.jpgAs some people were inclined to know, the PC Engine celebrated its 20th birthday on October 30. Well, a handful of people celebrated. And Akiba Blog reports that three of them, apparently German otaku on an Akihabara pilgrimage, got nabbed by the fuzz. They (allegedly?) prompted the situation by taping a poster and some flyers to a wall outside a construction site. The poster included a celebratory message directing fellow revelers to the decidedly not very festive German PCE fansite Two patrol cars appeared and commenced their nerd crackdown by arresting the three as-of-yet unidentified PCE fans. Check the link for some pretty tremendous photos of the incident.

<Brandon’s note:> I wonder if this might not have been a crackdown after the gaijin incidents on Halloween? Seems like everyone over reacted there, to me.

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Youtube: Super Jumbo no Daibouken

jumbo.jpgIf you thought Captain Lou Albano was the first professional wrestler to play the role of Super Mario, you apparently weren’t a Japanese person watching Nihon TV sometime in the early 1980’s. Super Jumbo’s Big Adventure is a skit that stars Jumbo Tsuruta, the famous professional wrestler and not so famous University of Portland, Oregon professor in the archetypical Mario role. The supporting cast is made up entirely of late 70’s and early 80’s Japanese wrestling personalities, except for the princess. She’s played by Mami Yamase. Presumably an idol or voice actress of some sort, but it would take a less manly type of nerd to know that. The whole thing is basically awesome. Dennis Hopper would have been well served to study Great Kojika’s performance as Bowser.

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News: Treasure x ESP title leaked

bangaiospirits.jpgAs mentioned just a few news posts down, Treasure and ESP have a clock that has been ticking towards the unveiling of their new DS game. Currently it reads 2 days, 4 hours and 40 minutes. In a minor triumph for the subversives on 2chan’s game forum, a user has posted a photo of an uncirculated Famitsu page to spoil the drama. The new game is Bangaio Spirits. So if you loved Bangaio but wished you could make the sprites even smaller, your ship has come in. Or it will in about 2 days.

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News: Mr. Liar’s political quiz

onita.JPG Atsushi Onita has appeared in tons of videogames. As a death match pioneer, he was a mainstay in wrestling games like Fire Pro and Toukon Retsuden. Now as a recently retired politician, he’s got his own game for DS. Atsushi Onita’s Political Quiz. “Anytime, anywhere” is the tagline on the promotional posters. Good to know. Hopefully the game includes a lot of loud Onita voice samples to underscore one’s ignorance of the Japanese system of government.

You really have to know about Atsushi Onita here. He became famous as the star of Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, where he created the barbed wire death match. Though he dropped out of high school, Onita returned in his 40s to finish his education. His charismatically aggressive personality generated a cult following that eventually translated to political success when he won the 19th House of Councilors election as a representative of the Liberal Democratic Party in 2001. One of his first major acts in office was to launch a post-9/11 humanitarian mission to Afghanistan, where he performed professional wrestling matches in crudely constructed rings made of sticks and rope, to benefit the children, he said. This was all documented on film. Onita is also rumored to have broken Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 20,000 women banged. Fittingly, his exit from politics was forced by a recent sex scandal in which he was alleged to have used government accommodations to host a threesome with an AV actress and a female employee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation. So, actually, this game is the least interesting thing Onita has ever done.

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News: Not safe for work – Capcom office lady porn. Time paradox?

Capcom_porn.jpg A Japanese adult video label called Plum produces a series of DVDs titled “first time amateurs live,” featuring young women who purport to be employees of major Japanese corporations such as Softbank and livedoor. Plum spawned a meme earlier this year with the release of a video starring a supposed Nintendo secretary. Now they’ve dug deeper, turning their attention to a shapely public relations worker at Capcom.

What this says about the place of the videogame or porn industry, I don’t really know. Reviews of the series have been mixed. Customers of have cited lackluster camera work and sexual technique. Note that no Capcom characters are referenced in the actual product – those hadokens were strategically placed due to the tendency of some people to browse around the internet when they should really be working. Those of you daring enough to flout the conventions of the workplace, be prepared that the direct Amazon link in the ‘via’ section above requires yes/no style age verification. Old school.

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