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2Impact_artwork_01.png Some people have been asking me if I was going to post news again on IC, so well, here’s one now! Actually, this is just to announce that my own site is back online again, after a few weeks in limbo.

I believe it will interest you all, though. It comes with a brand-new issue, the fourteenth, no less, which features discussions on Gen-san and Kyuiin among other old pieces, but it also tries to provide an insightful approach to this second burst the 2D fighting genre is getting these days, complete with a recap of every game released in the past year and all the forthcoming titles announced to this date so far and to be shown in next weekend’s AOU 2009.

It’s in Spanish, but at least it’s now more Firefox-friendly!

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News: KOF98, back to the arcades

kof98um.pngMost will say that it actually never left, but the most popular KOF game ever is getting an update, which is now scheduled for the arcades too. The PS2 version of The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match has been in development for almost 2 years now, and supposedly it’ll be out next January. It will be the base, according to the latest issue of Arcadia Magazine, of the now-officially-announced-for-the-spring version, which is specifically for the arcades. Which makes us wonder, of course, what system will SNK Playmore be using for this iteration — Taito’s Type-X doesn’t look like the best choice, you know (not that it has too many options, anyway).

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News: Raiden Fighters Aces

aces_01.pngUnder that name a compilation of the whole Raiden Fighters series has just been announced via Famitsu magazine. It’s being developed by Gulti (ex-Seibu staffers, also currently working on… this) and will be published by Success next year for the XB360 as a standard DVD release (“hopefully,” given the luck the announced XB version of Raiden Fighters had ni the past – that is to say none, if you don’t recall). Let’s not forget though that the Raiden Fighters games run at a resolution which the 360 can’t display full screen, so don’t expect a nearly perfect version at all. Live compatibility included, they say in the mag.

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Link: New issue of Postback

tono_01.PNGThat magazine-styled website in the Spanish language run by none other than myself has just got a brand-new issue, so seems like a good moment to post a link here once again. You’ll find there discussions and pics on some not-too-well known Japanese games this time, such as Gust’s first attempt at replicating the Pokemon formula, or Sunsoft’s satirical(?) action game Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban for the SFC, and there’s an essay too about why Capcom’s new Bionic Commando is a wrong video-game even before being released. Non-Spanish-versed visitors may at least find useful the Soft Lists section, especially now that the PlayStation List has been added. Those documents may serve not only to learn full and correct names in romaji (usually improving the transliteration attempts you can find in other sites), release dates, adaptations for Western regions, and compatible/required peripherals for every game, it also tries to list developers instead of just the publishing company. Keep in mind that they’re not (nor do they try to be) comprehensive.

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News: PS2 Arcana Heart details

ARC02.PNGAs expected, the game will be based on the latest revision for the arcades, namely “Full!”, though the original version will also be present. Seems that you even will be able to mix characters from both versions. A gallery mode is also confirmed, as well as a full-voiced story mode. According to Gemu-Gemu Mania, Famitsu states that Ecole Software [Melty Blood Act Cadenza] is involved in the development. The official site has just opened, revealing the package cover (pictured).

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News: Arcana Heart coming to the PS2

arcana_ps2.PNG Waiting for more news on Capcom’s comeback to the 2D fighting scene? What about this in the meantime? Arcana Heart is finally announced for a home system. On October 11th Yuki’s (now “Examu”) recent arcade game will have a PS2 version published by AQ Interactive, as the picture on the left reveals (full version here). More on this soon.

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News: New 2D fighting game from… Capcom!

2d_kakutou.pngAnd supposedly coming to the arcades! Let’s go with the official part first – Capcom has just opened a teaser web page announcing a forthcoming original 2D fighting game, right here. Now, with the speculation – AM-Net (a news web site dedicated to the arcade industry which is usually very reliable, if you ask us), claims that it will be based on Sengoku Basara, and is being developed by Arc System Works. More than that, they say that the game would be first shown this August in a private show.

Remember where you read it first!

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News: Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV

suchi_iv_01.pngSuchie-Pai’s comeback takes a step further! We learn from Famitsu Dot Com that the fourth episode in Jaleco’s mah-jong series is currently under development for the PS2. For the first time, it’s being released directly on a home system instead coming to arcades first, as it usually does. This may serve to confirm that the good old company has no intention to go back to that market, quite sadly. Kenichi Sonoda is of course the character designer once again and much like the previous iteration (which runs on the NAOMI platform, though kind of got a DC port), the game will benefit from fully 2D, high resolution graphics. Check it out.

Update: Preliminary site right here.

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