News: Kumatanchi

kumatan.jpgKumatanchi is a raising simulation game for the DS currently in development under Dimple/Vanillaware (of Odin Sphere fame). Basically you play the role of a zoo keeper who’s looking after this bear called Kumatan and you feed her and take care of her for two weeks in real world time, the game will continue even when it’s switched off. The game is currently slated for release this summer.

The thing about the game is that it is actually being developed by the doujin circle Ashinaga ojisan, the guys that made Habanero-tan house, which is very similar in concept to Kumatanchi. The artist in the doujin circle is actually an employee in Vanillaware and has worked on Grim Grimoire and Odin Sphere, so that’s probably how they got their chance to work with the company.

In-game pics available at

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News: Abogado Powers is coming back

tobidvine.jpgAbogado Powers, known for their work on games such as D+VINE[LUV], Tobi D+VINE, and MxS, have suddenly updated their long forsaken website announcing that they’re coming back and that they are making preparations to announce their new game in June 2008. Abogado Powers ran into a lot of trouble in early 2000 and finally ceased operation in 2005 when their founder and leader Ura Kazuo passed away.

<Brandon’s note:> Their office also flooded back in 2003 and they made a video of it. They had lots of troubles…I hope they get back to making non-visual novel products, personally!

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News: Telenet Japan closes

telenet.jpgTokei News reports that Telenet Japan, once famous for games such as Valis and Arcus has closed down after 24 years in the business. Apparently selling their game properties to eroge makers wasn’t enough to keep the company going.

They had been focusing on the pachinko business recently and recorded
452 million yen in sales last year in March but their profits were bad
and they continued to be in constant debt. Strategies such as selling
their gaming properties and selling their stock holdings in order to
rebuild the company’s financial ability reached a limit and they could
no longer keep the company going.

<Brandon’s note:> As of the closing date, only 18 people were still working for Telnet, which is pretty sad, considering its heyday. There’s some vague stuff in here too, like talk of a failed U.S. subsidiary game center, which I can’t even imagine anyone thinking was a good idea. I wonder who, if anyone, will buy the rights to their legacy titles? They had lots of good games in the 80s and 90s…I guess 3D killed them. That and Wolf Team going away, and their SFC RPGs not really taking off. They mention that they worked on a lot of the Tales games in their company profile. Unfortunately their history is updated only to 2001, but they did make Angel Golf and some idol mahjong games after that. Even more curious, they don’t list Valis or Arcus as franchises they own – did they sell the rights completely? That would be quite distressing. The last game in the old style I’ve seen evidence of from them is Valis for mobile remake, but that may have been developed by Bandai. Must’ve been a depressing last few days around the offices, with all your licenses gone, and mountains of debt.

<Recap’s note:> Telenet indeed ‘worked’ on many ‘Tales of’ games, since they co-owned Tales Team along with Namco till not too long ago. Let’s not forget that Tales Team was formed up from some ex Wolf Team staff. And being honest, Telenet never released a truly remarkable quality title which wasn’t signed by Wolf Team. It was the dissolution of this developer what actually put an end to Telenet’s relevance as a video-game company.

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News: Mahou no shoujo Silky Lip eroge

silkylip.jpg<Brandon’s note: many of these links are not work safe>

After destroying our old gaming memories by licensing Valis and Arcus to eants and allowing them to make eroge versions of the games, Telenet Japan has decided it just wasn’t enough yet, as Waffle has announced that they are making an eroge version of Telenet Japan’s classic MegaCD game, Mahou no Shoujo Silky Lip. The eroge version will be made up of two parts, one will be a remake of the original MegaCD game when the characters were still young, and the second part will be where the characters have grown up, and… have lots of grown up stuff happen.

<Brandon’s second note: At least it says ‘downroad’ at the top. And if you don’t know Valis or Arcus, research here and here.>

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News: Crimson Room for the DS

crimsoness.jpgToshiyuki Takagi’s series of popular flash games about escaping from rooms has been announced for the DS by Success in their SuperLite2500 series of games apparently. The DS version will contain not only Crimson Room, but also Viridian Room, Blue Chamber, and White Chamber. The game is planned for release in December 2007 for 2500 yen.

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tomboyish.jpgDoujin circle Studio Siesta has announced The TOMBOYISH WITCHES, an English version of their horizontal scrolling shooter Trouble Witches. They’re planning to sell the English version to foreign audiences only and will not be selling it within Japan.

<Brandon’s note:> As far as I know, this is the first attempt by any japanese doujin company to do something of this nature. Pretty neat, and well overdue…these games are hard to get out here.

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News: Yume Nikki

yume.jpgYume Nikki is a freeware game by Kikiyama where the main purpose in the game is to… walk through different dreams. You can find creatures in each dream and learn some new effects from them like getting a new hairstyle or riding a bicycle and stuff. The game doesn’t really have a purpose, but it’s great! Probably more interesting to normal people than the one below.

The game can be downloaded here. You also need to get the RPGmaker 2003 RTP to run it, but it’s free, so not a huge problem.

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News: Succubus Quest eroge

sq.jpgSuccubus Quest (not work safe) is a pretty good RPG for the PC where you have sex battles in order to defeat monsters. They’ve recently released a new version of the game at Comic Market 72 and have now actually released it free for download from their website. The game serves as a short story that is related to the main plot, but it’s pretty much a complete game. It’s surprisingly well made too, I lost my weekend to this game.

You’ll need the RPGmakerXP RTP files to run the game. There’s an update to v0.05 on the download page too, it fixes quite a bit of bugs so it’s best to get it.

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News: Comiket 72 doujin roundup

tsunodalove.jpgA quick round up of the more significant doujin game releases during the Summer Comic Market.

Ragna Fantasia
An RPG based on Ragnarok Online.

Trouble Witches
A wonderful horizontal shooter from the makers of AIRRADE, which we mentioned back here.

Apathy Gakkou de atta kowai hanashi ~Visual Novel Version~
The full complete story of the original SFC game of the same name, discussed in more detail back here.

Touhou Fuujinroku ~Mountain of Faith~
Newest game in the now famous Touhou series of vertical shooters…just a matter of time before the Iosys remixes start flooding in.

Touhou Hisouten ~Scarlet Weather Rhapsody~
The pseudo sequel to the popular 2D fighting game Touhou Suimusou by Tasogare Frontier.

The newest game from EasyGameStation (we’ve talked about them in the past too, if you need more reference), this time about running an item shop in a town.

Omamoringo-san 2
The sequel to the fun Windows Media Player plugin that was released last year (cute video of that here – nice song. And some ‘gameplay’ here with some Iosys music behind it), now with a new roommate and additional support for iTunes.

Suzumiya Haruhi no chourantou
A 3D party action vs game featuring the characters from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. The graphics are great, but the game wasn’t that great…

Miko Blaster
A 2D horizontal shooter featuring shrine maidens.

Tsuno-san daa~ LOVE!!
Great looking 2D horizontal shooter featuring horns (pictured left).

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News: Gakkou de atta kowai hanashi returns

kowa.jpgGakkou de atta kowai hanashi is a horror sound novel by Banpresto that was originally released for the SFC in 1995 and then remade for the Playstation in 1996. However, when the game was made, one of the chapters in the story was deemed too questionable for release and was switched out.

Now, Iijima Takiya who was the main writer for the original game, is planning to release Apathy Gakkou de atta kowai hanashi ~Visual Novel Version~ as a doujin game in the summer comiket, based on the novelized version of the game that he had written (which had all the chapters intact). A demo is available for download here.

The author is also currently working on Apathy ~Narukami gakuen toshi densetsu tanteikyoku~, which takes place 13 years after the events in Apathy Gakkou de atta kowai hanashi and will be released for the DS by Arc System Works on 25th of October.

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