Intentionally mellow and unintentionally staticky memories and introspection.

Questions this week:

  1. What are your internet handle origins? (04:35)
  2. What are the best gamer internet handles you've seen? (14:30)
  3. How many Insert Credit community members have you met? (23:16)
  4. How did Brandon meet Frank? (23:34)
  5. How and why did Frank start Lost Levels? (26:26)
  6. How and why did Brandon start Insert Credit? (31:50)
  7. What's your first memory of meeting an impressive video game personality? (42:00)
  8. What made Tim decide to join Insert Credit? (55:00)

Questions we didn't discuss:

  1. Games with a lot of characters? (01:16:50)
  2. Chinese culture in games? (01:17:10)
  3. Buddhist references in games? (01:18:42)
  4. What is worth remembering and talking about when it comes to Namco? (01:20:24)
  5. Arcade ports more interesting than the originals? (01:21:15)

Edited by Blaine Brown.