Wario may be the Bonk of Nintendo, but unfortunately for him–Sega is back.

Questions this week:

  1. Nintendo Switch Online (03:38)
  2. Video Game Reality Shows (09:50)
  3. The Sega Aesthetic (15:49)
  4. Games for Broken Thumbs (22:01)
  5. Improv Zone: Wily vs. Robotnik (27:35)
  6. Have you ever been sitting in your car, at a traffic light or in a parking spot, and the car next to you starts moving slowly… and you freak out and think you’re the one moving? What a weird feeling! How can this feeling be translated into a video game? Question by Patreon Supporter Adam (35:56)
  7. Cowardly Video Games (40:39)
  8. Your Walk-Up Song (46:41)
  9. Modern Day LCD Adaptations (52:38)
  10. Is Wario a Libertarian? (58:59)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Duke Nukem One Liners (1:04:58)

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music ‘Stage 11-2 Theme’ from Vice Project Doom-Guitar Cover performed by YouTube user zer0_hunter 6066 and ‘Grabbag’ from Duke Nukem 3D.