In the outer wilds, things are getting pretty world.

Questions this week:

  1. Xbox Series X Presentation Impressions Part I (03:00)
  2. Xbox Series X Presentation Impressions Part II (09:20)
  3. Is the world ready for Dreamcast 2? (15:58)
  4. What are the best games to play when you’re in excruciating pain? (23:27)
  5. The Adaptation Game: Moby Dick (29:30)
  6. What are the most satisfying video game environments to pulverize? Question by Patreon Supporter Breadface (34:48)
  7. Video Game Conspiracy Theories (42:02)
  8. Has a video game ever made you feel like throwing up? (48:49)
  9. On what occasions have game developers genuinely learned from their mistakes? (55:07)
  10. Which video game characters could do Agent 47’s job better than him? (1:01:00)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Designer Drinks (1:07:07)

Edited by Blaine Brown. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.