E pluribus unum, that means I got mine, go away. This special episode features Gita Jackson!

Questions this week:

  1. The Sims Rule (04:10)
  2. What's up with Roblox? (10:15)
  3. The line between video games and online gambling (16:49)
  4. What real or fictional location would make a great setting for a Hitman level? (23:10)
  5. G4 Lineup (29:17)
  6. Mario's New Look Question by Patreon Supporter Known as "Shigeru M." (39:20)
  7. Apple v. Fortnite (45:57)
  8. The Fables of Fable (51:49)
  9. Have you ever saved a video game for a special occasion? (57:41)
  10. Who are the greatest "Himbos" of video games? (1:02:53)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Fancasting - Mega Man (1:08:52)

Edited by Blaine Brown. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.