The game enjoyer, in today’s political climate, is a rare breed of individual indeed. Special guest Liz Ryerson

CONTENT WARNING: This episode features artistic descriptions of gore during Question 9. Question 10 begins at 01:05:55 if you’d like to skip.

Questions this week:

  1. What’s the last game you played for entertainment purposes? (05:44)
  2. What makes horror games fail? (13:44)
  3. When does video game culture most feel like a cult? (19:28)
  4. What are the most out of place songs on a video game soundtrack? (25:14)
  5. If you were making a Frankenstein monster out of video game characters, which body parts would you use? (31:13)
  6. Question by Patreon Supporter Kiko: Which game narrative would change the most if the protagonist had access to therapy? (38:08)
  7. What video games accurately reflect the time and money put into making them? (45:57)
  8. What are some fake video game titles you’d use as set dressing in a haunted house? (51:40)
  9. How do you do gore right in a video game? (56:42)
  10. What is the Rocky Horror Picture Show of video games? (01:01:55)

FRIGHTENING ROUND: Reccing Crew (01:08:55)

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.