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(Ep. 175) Brandon explains who could potentially enjoy the film Pyscho Gore Man and talks about how incredible Mark Dacascos is. Special Guest Topher Docfuture Florence explains what he would have liked Batman: Soul of the Dragon to be and discusses Hong Kong filmmaking economics. Frank identifies which Daredevil comic Brandon is talking about.

(Ep. 176) Brandon is frustrated by a Metal Gear Acid purchase and discusses The Grapes of Death. Frank makes a pun and recommends Metal Gear 2.

(Ep. 176) Extended break. Frank doesn't know what to do with the phrase "Golden Teet" and the strip club Crazy Horse Too. Special Guest Ash Parrish knows which one of the panel doesn't write erotic fanfiction. Jaffe is upset about by A to X Video Outlet. Brandon solves the problem.

(Ep. 176) Jaffe's chewing again. Brandon just watched Reign of Fire. Frank was talking with a couple guys from Rare about Dinosaur Planet. Special Guest Ash Parrish has seen all the Olympus Has Fallen movies.

(Ep. 176) Extended post-show. The panel, joined by Special Guest Ash Parrish, absolutely dogs on the box art for Monster Maxx. Jaffe asks a question he almost saved for a future episode: What is the qualitative difference between a 94% review and a 96% review? We make fun of the British again.

(Ep. 178) Extended break. Special Guest Mathew Kumar discusses how we're all going through it during the Pandemic and breaks down the No Woman No Cry equation. Jaffe makes a pun. Special Guest Kris Graft is taken aback by the hatred for Geometry Wars. Brandon explains how Insert Credit show works.

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Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.