Ash Parrish rejoins the panel to cover Final Fantasy XIV’s superiority, the Screaming Idea, and G4M3R5.

Questions this week:

  1. Previously on Insert Credit 86: What games not originally designed for arcades would best make the transition to arcades?  (01:58)
  2. What specifically makes Final Fantasy XIV the best MMO game?  (05:17)
  3. Which games have benefitted the most from changing course during development?  (10:37)
  4. What game features the greatest distance of quality between how good the music is and how bad the game itself is?  (15:42)
  5. The pandemic is over, and each of you is opening up a barcade. What do you name it?  (20:44)
  6. Patreon Supporter THX Deep Note’s #1 Fan asks: If you could design a startup jingle for a video game console, what would it sound like? (28:28)
  7. What are some things that video game fans THINK they want, but won’t actually enjoy?  (33:36)
  8. What is the longest you’ve ever struggled with a particular challenge in a video game?  (38:44)
  9. Topher “Docfuture” Florence gives this challenge: Design a singular controller to be put into a time capsule that will be the only controller to play all console games. It can have any button or stick configuration, but is arbitrarily limited to only 3 "gimmicks.” (44:07)
  10. Who is the Meghan Markle of video games?  (49:31)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Guess That Fanfic  (54:29)

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Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.