The panel opens the Dirtbag, joined by game developer and composer Tyriq Plummer. Also covered: petty attract modes, the steamy details of Wario’s parentage, and Bleomard Nimoy.

Questions this week:

  1. David asks: What are your favorite home console attract modes? (01:33)
  2. Big Steve Lasanga asks: is the pursuit of “legitimacy” by prestige games a creative dead end? (04:46)
  3. Sam asks: Why aren’t there more genre mash-ups in video games? (09:22)
  4. Shun asks: what would a Quadruple A video game be like? (12:10)
  5. Thundercricket asks: What is the most practical dungeon in a video game? (14:49)
  6. MoxBagel asks: How would video games be different if Sega was the dominant console manufacturer today? (18:36)
  7. Graphite asks: What are the most notable video game misreadings? (21:58)
  8. Aldo Leopold asks: is cranking the resolution in a PS2 emulator playing “the real game”? (25:32)
  9. Daniel R asks: What are the selling points of quadruple-A game Steampunk 1877? (29:00)
  10. TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee asks: How do you recommend a competent and enjoyable but not remarkable game? (32:27)
  11. Kiko asks: Is it possible to reboot Seaman? (35:41)
  12. Anders M asks: What countries besides the US, Japan, and UK put out the best games? (38:23)
  13. GigaSlime asks: What celebrities would you cast in your expensive vanity project? (41:58)
  14. George Rohac asks: What about video games still gives you hope for the medium? (45:30)
  15. Eric Eaton asks: What is the Bob Dylan of video games? (49:45)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Spilling the Dirtbag (52:47)

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Brandon: On-Gaku: Our Sound (2019), Night of the Kings (2020), Katedralen by Mork, The Insert Credit Art Jam

Tyriq: Catacomb Kids,, Mid-Air Thief, Crumb, Frror

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.