Jim Stormdancer, developer of Frog Fractions and host of Topic Lords joins the panel to hearld/warn of the return of The Noid, how to craft an ARG, and The Insert Credit Greatest Game of All Time (ICGGOAT). (Content warning: This episode contains strong language.)

Questions this week:

  1. We Need To Talk About The Noid (00:57)
  2. What game did you have to learn to like before liking it? (06:29)
  3. Is there a line between surprising players and not giving them the game they paid for? (09:34)
  4. What do we have to say about NFTs? (15:27)
  5. Which game series have the most interesting naming and numbering conventions?  (20:08)
  6. Dirtbag Kory asks: What are the best games about electricity? (25:52)
  7. What are the game design principles behind a good ARG? (31:39)
  8. What would your video game vanity license plate be? (37:53)
  9. What’s the best Star Wars game, and how could you make a better one? (40:57)
  10. What is the Paddington 2 of video games? (46:13)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Adjectivity (51:33)

Think YOU have better answers than the panel? You don't! But you can discuss the episode here in the insert credit forums.



Brandon: Dance Volunteer by Portable Rock, Pensieri di Nessuno by Words And Actions, Gozu (2003)

Frank: Play video games on easy

Jim: The Hat DLC which is no longer on sale, Topic Lords

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.