Jordan, Jesse GO! cohost Jordan Morris joins us to talk about Chun-Li, side question, and Adrien Brody.

Questions this week:

  1. Video games of Christmas Past (02:27)
  2. Fighting games as an Olympic event (09:14)
  3. Comedy in Japanese games vs. comedy in American games (15:39)
  4. Adrien Brody’s Predators: The Official Game of the Movie (22:06)
  5. Santa Games (27:05)
  6. What defines a good side quest (33:16)
  7. Chun-Li as a sex icon (33:16)
  8. Mid-nineties mascot design (46:09)
  9. The Grateful Dead of video games? (55:50)
  10. A GOD HAND Christmas Miracle (01:00:43)


Edited by Andrew Toups. Music: Lemon Demon – BRODYQUEST, Add N to (X) – Metal Fingers In My Body, Add N to (X) – Revenge Of The Black Regent