Journalist Gita Jackson joins the full panel to decide how much video games should cost, share research tips, and reveal Barbies in the garbies. Plus, memories of Rieko Kodama.

Questions this week:

  1. From Andrés Velasco y Coll: Has there been a speedrun that particularly impressed you? Or, how would you ruin Sony Computer Entertainment? (06:16)
  2. Now that every issue of Nintendo Power is uploaded to the Internet Archive, what should we do with it? (13:09)
  3. What should it cost to buy a video game? (19:46)
  4. What can we say about the legacy of Rieko Kodama? (34:39)
  5. Insert Credit contributors share memories of Rieko Kodama (48:31)
  6. Kiko asks: is it ever worthwhile to play all the way through a game you hate? (01:02:15)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Localization Station (01:11:55)

Recommendations and Outro (01:18:25)

Share your memories of Rieko Kodama and her work in this week's forum discussion thread.



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