Video game journalist Jeff Gerstmann sits down at the Insert Credit table to cover video game history, AI, and the return of Violence Island.

Questions this week:

  1. Have any of you seen the news lately? (09:58)
  2. Let’s examine the evolution of the endless runner. (21:53)
  3. Wrestling games. Glorified character creators, or is there something there gameplay-wise? (28:22)
  4. Definitively rank tank, healer, and DPS from best to worst. (35:52)
  5. Kyle asks: Form a musical super group composed of video game characters. (43:38)
  6. Are AI programs like ChatGPT good for video games? (50:44)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Violence Island (01:03:50)

Recommendations and Outro (01:23:49)

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Brandon: the plot of Kung Fu Traveler (2017)

Jeff: Go listen to the Snoop Dogg Call of Duty: Vanguard voicelines

Frank: Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Tim: Croupier (1998)

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Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, Brandon Sheffield and Jeff Gerstmann. Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.