Necrosoft founder Brandon Sheffield sits with Necrosoft programmer Lotte May, Necrosoft producer Son M., and Necrosoft marketing director Jenna Stoeber to mostly talk about romancing Merlin.

Questions this week:

  1. What kinds of games should we be making with text? (03:05)
  2. What are the best untapped genre mashups in video games? (05:12)
  3. What are some under represented vehicles we should be using in games? (09:50)
  4. Design a new fantasy sports game. (12:20)
  5. What makes relationship systems in games compelling, and how can we make them even more compelling? (16:44)
  6. Alex Jaffe asks: If Necrosoft stuck to its original vision of being a game studio that only hires dead people, who would be on the payroll? (23:05)
  7. As of April 2023, how can content creators best present their work? (27:32)
  8. How will today's youth silo themselves in the future? (33:31)
  9. What's a question you've accidentally built your whole life around answering? (35:52)
  10. What part of your job would you be totally fine with AI taking away from you? (41:15)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Name Design - Game Companies (43:20)

Recommendations and Outro (48:01)

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Brandon: Don’t forget to check if something is available new if you buy it

Lotte: Necrosoft Games, Watch an episode of the original Gundam series with your friend every week

Son: Necrosoft Games, Perfect Garbage Studios, wishlist Love Shore

Jenna:, video essay youtube channel, patreon, fuck the algorithm

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Hosted by Brandon Sheffield, with Lotte May, Son M., and Jenna Stoeber. Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.