Questions this week:

  1. What do you expect for Drakengard 3? (01:10)
  2. Do the benefits of EA's Always Online model outweigh the risks? (07:35)
  3. In many games, after you defeat an enemy, it disappears. Where does it go? (13:55)
  4. If you could eliminate one common lazy game critique from reviewers at large, what would it be? (20:10)
  5. Who would win in an actual fight among the Super Smash Bros. cast? (26:45)
  6. Assume video game music cover bands are awesome. The three of you start a videogame music cover band. Which songs do you cover, and what instruments do you play? (33:35)
  7. Best dog? (39:45)
  8. Describe Tetsuya Nomura's ideal date. (46:05)
  9. How real is video game addiction? (52:45)
  10. Which video games provide the best role models? (01:00:13)

LIGHTNING ROUND:  Bottom Line Review (01:06:50)