Brandon Sheffield hits the Tokyo Game Show 2023 floor and interviews Jeremy Blaustein, CEO of Dragonbaby and translator of legendary games like Metal Gear Solid, Suikoden, and Silent Hill 2.


  1. How did this all start for you? (01:01)
  2. What did you do at Jaleco? (02:02)
  3. What games did you work on? (03:59)
  4. Talk a little bit about character constraints in early video game localization (05:23)
  5. How did you manage outside references in Suikoden? (09:29)
  6. Talk a little bit about Symphony of the Night (11:49)
  7. How does the back-and-forth in recording go? (15:24)
  8. Were you working in isolation in the early days? (18:27)
  9. Were you working with Kojima’s team on Snatcher? (19:54)
  10. What’s your experience with Turbografx CD games? (21:07)
  11. Anything interesting about the Shadow Hearts series? (22:42)
  12. Talk a little bit more about Metal Gear Solid (25:25)
  13. What were the unique challenges of the early era of game translation? (27:50)
  14. How do you feel about accidentally creating iconic lines? (31:52)

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By Brandon Sheffield, with Jeremy Blaustein. Intro by Alex Jaffe, editing by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.