After 10,000 years we’re free, et cetera. The insert credit show has returned.

Insert Credit: The only show on the internet in which we weekly deliver the loudest news, reviews, tips, and tricks; fresh-dripped, hot from the bottom of video games themselves.

Questions this week:

  1. How will Coronavirus change video games (02:46)
  2. Which game sequels forgot the little things (09:22)
  3. What was the 2017 GotY (16:12)
  4. If half life alyx isn't enough to bring people to VR what will (22:38)
  5. What are some setting options every game menu should have by now but doesn't (29:05)
  6. What was the 2018 GotY (35:40)
  7. What would change in a FF7 remake style reboot of your time in highschool (46:20)
  8. What are these sisterly qualities (52:36)
  9. Is the PS5 controller everything you've been dreaming of and more (59:10)
  10. What was the 2019 GotY (01:05:25)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Zoology Crossing (01:11:45)

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music ‘The Only One’ From Astral Chain and ‘Connor Main Theme’ from Detroit: Become Human.