Agree with each other or get the buzzer.

Questions this week:

  1. When is a board game better than a video game (04:30)
  2. When is the easiest job in the video game business (10:50)
  3. Easily fixable flaw (17:16)
  4. What games should have been on another platform (22:50)
  5. If you were part of the Yakuza in the video game series Yakuza what would your specialty be (28:40)
  6. What are they holding back for Mario Maker 3 (34:56)
  7. Sell me on Diaster Report (41:12)
  8. Alamo Drafthouse of video games (47:10)
  9. If you could have any piece of clothing from a video game what would it be. (54:20)
  10. The best speed runner in the world at a video game of your choice (01:02:18)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Auto Player One (01:08:58)

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music ‘34 t u s k’ From Yakuza 0 and ‘Move Me’ from Ridge Racer Type 4.