Everybody’s played Journey. You’ve played Journey. The Fine Line Between ‘Yes, And’ and ‘Yeah, Actually’.

Questions this week:

  1. What would it take to get you actually excited about a new console (05:10)
  2. This week an English fan translation was released for LSD dream emulator. What is this game and how do you play it (11:55)
  3. Hideo Kojima fans often praise the themes for his games for their uncanny predictive powers. What makes his games so apparently prescient (18:15)
  4. What are the qualities of a Valis-like (24:28)
  5. Improv-zone. Frank, you are Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser at your first share holder meeting. You are desperately attempting to earn the faith of Tim and Brandon, who each suspect you be the actual King Bowser. (31:30)
  6. Patron question: What 2D game is closest to the Yakuza series (39:42)
  7. What’s the best bootleg video game merchandise you’ve seen in the wild (46:08)
  8. Have video games ever been worse for taking player feedback to heart (52:41)
  9. What is the Olive Garden of video games (58:45)
  10. If you were given unlimited funds to develop a video game, and you had to prove all the funds were being used on the video game, how would you exploit that resource to help as many people as possible (1:04:30)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Slogan Slinging (1:08:30)

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music ‘Title Theme’ From Bashi Bazook and ‘Vecanti’ from Valis IV.