Insert Credit Enters the Whack-a-Box Hard Mode Challenge.

Questions this week:

  1. The ideal mini-game (05:28)
  2. If Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft made cars (11:52)
  3. Favorite ways that games have covered up clearly running out of time or money (17:10)
  4. Which of Sonic the Hedgehog's friends owes him the most amount of money (23:05)
  5. Best first impressions made by an non-player video game character (28:40)
  6. Shouting the name of a video game every time you're hurt (35:34)
  7. Gaming's most iconic romance (41:03)
  8. Face mask designed by any video game artist (46:57)
  9. Who should have played Geralt in the Netflix series The Witcher (53:38)
  10. What's the longest period you've spent exclusively playing one video game (59:51)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Boss Rush to Hell (01:06:06)

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons Theme’ From Animal Crossing New Horizons, Cover by YouTube User FamilyJules and ‘Theme 1’ from Knack.