A last minute guest cancellation means double value for you! Jaffe presents the panel with Quora.com's top twenty video game questions at three minutes a piece.

Quoras this week:

  1. Jay Sapinsky asks: how do you spot gamers in real life?  (06:06)
  2. Nor Reza asks: What about Fallout Lore bothers you?  (08:57)
  3. Aditi Triveti asks: What is the most messed up thing you’ve ever done in any video game?  (11:49)
  4. Anthony Andranik Moumjian asks: Is it bad to leave a gaming PC on all the time? Can it damage the PC?  (14:56)
  5. Andre Xast asks: Hulk will protect you from the final bosses of the last 3 video games you played. Do you live?  (17:35)
  6. Kaan Kala asks: How difficult is legendary difficulty in Skyrim?  (20:21)
  7. Nor Reza asks: What is something in the Call of Duty games that makes no sense?  (22:02)
  8. Kyle Dring asks: Why are low morality games so popular?  (24:11)
  9. Lily Shen asks: What is the cheapest thing you’ve done to win a video game that wasn’t technically cheating?  (27:39)
  10. Anonymous asks: How do I find inappropriate games on Roblox?  (31:21)
  11. David P. Black asks: Do soldiers in wars actually throw empty mags like in video games?  (35:15)
  12. Sam Bunn asks: What game feature or animation makes you think “This person must’ve had a lot of fun making this?”  (37:36)
  13. Nor Reza asks: What if you woke up in a video game and there was no way out?  (40:39)
  14. Ryan Nelson asks: Are there any games that punish or mock you for playing it in a certain way?  (43:18)
  15. Sean Kernan asks: What’s the furthest a parent has gone to get their kid to quit gaming?  (46:10)
  16. Ryan Russell asks: What are some things that only gamers would understand?  (49:01)
  17. Christopher Abrahams asks: Why do Marvel games not made by Sony feel like they are pandering to MCU fans?  (50:33)
  18. Nor Reza, King of Video Game Quora asks: Why are support classes so dang boring in video games? All you do is heal people and it doesn’t feel rewarding.  (52:56)
  19. Craig O Grant asks: What’s your favorite Minecraft trick and how do you do it?  (56:16)
  20. Anonymous asks: Why is video gaming a “teenage” thing?  (58:22)

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.