Translator and media critic Kazuma Hashimoto joins the panel to cover zabbing bloboids, the three hundred and twenty six pathways of Shadow the Hedgehog, and The Masked Tuber.

Questions this week:

  1. Liz Ryerson asks: What’s the hot new genre of video game in the year 2050?  (06:11)
  2. Is there a spectrum of quality for pachislot games? (11:02)
  3. What defining element of a video game series do you wish the developers would be more flexible with?  (15:43)
  4. What were the most self-ruinous business decisions in video game history? (19:59)
  5. Friend of the show Ash Parrish broke a story this week about a $10 calculator app for the Switch. What features can we expect? (24:42)
  6. Dirtbag Deadbeat asks: What is the most interesting reason you have stopped playing a video game? (30:24)
  7. Repeat from last week now that we have an expert: what are the components of an ideal RPG party?  (35:45)
  8. What are the best video games you can’t play anymore? (40:06)
  9. When will we know vtubers have officially peaked? (45:18)
  10. What is the Jurassic Park of video games?  (50:14)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Review Scale Calibrations (56:31)

Think YOU have better answers than the panel? You don't! But you can discuss the episode here in the insert credit forums.



Brandon: Dreams of the Carrion Kind by Disincarnate, G2 (1999),

Frank: A big book of unreleased NES games Esper can't find a link to because Frank doesn't even attempt the title

Kazuma: +81 Podcast, Shusenjo (2019), HazVsRPG, Kagenaga on twitch

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.