With our regular host recovering from vaccination, Riot Games’ Alex Jaffe steps in along with Insert Credit correspondent Mathew Kumar to dig into our Dirtbag of Patreon subscriber submitted questions. (Content warning: conversation takes a pretty morbid turn in question 5. Also it's a Mathew Kumar episode, so there is some swearing.)

Questions this week:

  1. What should Brandon do with all these copies of TV Sports Football and Hockey? (06:37)
  2. TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee asks: Whats the best heist in video games? (12:17)
  3. Yeso asks: What personal problem in your life would make a good Yakuza sidequest? (17:57)
  4. Shun asks: Design a Kanye West-focused Nintendo game (23:53)
  5. Ravioli asks: What video game attack move would you want to be killed by? (28:23)
  6. Billy asks: Name two video games each in ten seconds each, then rank those games (34:29)
  7. Kyle in Montreal asks: if the main character of a game were to become the director of a sequel to that game, what would it be like? (40:14)
  8. Skebump asks: What would a new Panzer Dragoon game look like in 2021? (44:34)
  9. Shin asks: What is the most engaging video game credit sequence? (49:13)
  10. Sam B asks: Who is the Marcel Proust of video games? (53:49)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Emptying the Dirtbag (54:36)

Think YOU have better answers than the panel? You don't! But you can discuss the episode here in the insert credit forums.



Mathew: Check out decolonizepalestine.com, BDS, donate to Palestine Children's Relief Fund

Brandon: itch.io Solidarity Bundle for Palestine

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.