Questions this week:

  1. From Brandon Sheffield: How would you run a cafe-arcade hybrid, and what would you call it? (03:10)
  2. How would video games be different if Microsoft bought Nintendo twenty years ago? (10:33)
  3. What factors decide whether a video game should be first person view or third person view? (15:02)
  4. What historical video game hardware breakthroughs are bigger deals than people realize? (20:26)
  5. What scenes do you hope to see in the new restored version of the Super Mario Bros. Movie? (25:29)
  6. What video games suffer the most from being played on unintended hardware? (30:37)
  7. Dirtbag Devils Blush asks: Who is your favorite developer of games you aren’t interested in playing? (39:33)
  8. As a player, when can you feel the absence of a cut feature the most? (43:21)
  9. How do you make a cool video game desert? (48:01)
  10. Who is the Guy Fieri of video games? (53:02)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Product Placement (58:47)

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Frank: Video Game History Foundation "Blind Box" Vintage Video Game Magazines

Brandon: Enjoy the media you've collected over the years, The Brat - Attitudes EP

John: DF Retro, Retrotink 5X

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.