Washington Post Video Games Reporter Gene Park joins the panel to cover 3D growing pains, Magic: the Gathering card theft, and the return to that mountain of murder, Violence Island.

Questions this week:

  1. From Mathew Kumar: What’s your “ol’ trusty” game peripheral? (03:34)
  2. Which franchise presented the more exciting future this week: Dragon Quest or Sonic the Hedgehog? (08:37)
  3. How has eBay’s recent reorganization impacted game history preservation? (14:04)
  4. Violence Island: Sonic’s Best Friend (19:39)
  5. Dirtbag Official_Danimalz asks: When was the “awkward puberty” of video games? (31:35)
  6. What makes a video game timeless? (36:05)
  7. What are the best murders in video games? (41:29)
  8. What should you never do when titling a video game article? (45:39)
  9. What is the Dragon Quest of movies? (51:27)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Achievement Unlockers (57:07)

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Gene: Subscribe to your local newspaper only if they're good, twitter.com/genepark, Launcher,

Frank: The old Perry Mason is on Paramount+, though note that this is not a recommendation of Paramount+, Good Deal Games

Brandon: Slay in Hell by Steel Bearing Hand, mention insert credit when buying Genesis games from Good Deal Games for $5 off

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.