Writer, game designer, and professor Ian Bogost joins the panel along with Kotaku and Insert Credit regular Ash Parrish to cover Hairizon Zero Dawn, Gex vs. Bubsy, and Sonic Actually Being Back. Original music by Kurt Feldman, including the all new Violence Island theme!

Questions this week:

  1. From Liz Ryerson: What’s your favorite romhack? (06:04)
  2. Which video game metrics and features do critics tend to ignore? (11:17)
  3. Which games were most affected by ESRB ratings? (16:34)
  4. What are the best non-Bonk Turbografx platforming games? (21:58)
  5. Now that Facebook games are mostly gone, how do you explain Cow Clicker to somebody who wasn’t there? (26:23)
  6. Violence Island: forums.insertcredit.com Submissions (32:49)
  7. Has a video game ever changed your opinion about something outside of video games?  (41:47)
  8. What was the most ambitious video game to actually deliver on its promises? (47:13)
  9. Who is the Slavoj Zizek of video games? (51:47)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Dirtbag Driftglass presents: Casting call (55:29)

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Brandon: dedeco VGM DJ, Kino Lorber's Cool As Ice blu-ray

Ash: Chicory, Kotaku Splitscreen Podcast

Ian: Drink an Americano, play Psychonauts

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.