Artist and FEMICOM founder Rachel Weil alongside gamedev Lotte May join the panel to cover the Bally Astrocade, Jaffe’s favorite isekai, and Amethyst Princess of Gemworld.

Questions this week:

  1. What’s the deal with the Steam Deck? (03:44)
  2. How does femininity best express itself in video games? (08:10)
  3. How can we translate the appeal of mahou shoujo into video games? (13:31)
  4. What’s the relation between video games and glitch art? (18:35)
  5. Excluding Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Sega, who are the top 5 console manufacturers? (23:09)
  6. From Brandon Sheffield: What are the best action games with female protagonists? (29:23)
  7. Dirtbag Spencer asks: what video game allows for the most self-expression, while not specifically being about creativity? (34:29)
  8. What are the greatest movie tie-in games made before 1995? (39:33)
  9. Who would you use as the template for a “look book” for designers of female game characters? (44:11)
  10. Who or what is the Lisa Frank of video games? (48:37)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Pink Games (53:04)

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Lotte: Turn A Gundam, Godzilla Singular Point

Rachel:  FEMICOM Museum, Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.