frank cifaldi, tim rogers, and brandon sheffield once again join us to discuss kickstarter, the history of achievements, and the meltdown of 38 Studios.

Questions this week:

  1. Is Bonk's Adventure better than Super Mario Bros? (04:35)
  2. What are the ingredients of a good boss battle? (11:02)
  3. What achievements would you shoehorn into classic video games? (17:16)
  4. How can a game be easy without being boring? (23:47)
  5. What new Pokemon would you incorporate into the next generation? (30:03)
  6. UPIE: Who would win in a fight: the game industry, or the alternative medicine industry? (35:47)
  7. The Penny Arcade kickstarter: brilliant, deplorable, or hilarious? (38:40)
  8. What video game has the best title? (45:04)
  9. What are your impressions of the fighting game community? (51:17)
  10. Why should or shouldn't we be terrified by the meltdown of 38 Studios? (57:44)
  11. Is a video game's ending really that important? (01:04:55)
  12. Which development studio do you wish could return from the dead? (01:05:27)
  13. What video game have you put more hours into playing than any other? (01:06:07)
  14. What exactly is so exciting about Source Filmmaker? (01:06:38)

Edited by Andrew Toups.