Insert Credit Co-Founder and legendary video game music composer Vincent Diamante joins the panel to cover the Playstation conference, Frank Cifaldi’s necromancy of Clippy, and Daft Williams.

Questions this week:

  1. Since we’re recording on Dreamcast Day, what are your favorite Dreamcast memories? (03:23)
  2. What are the coolest ways to use specific instruments in a video game soundtrack? (09:12)
  3. What are the most interesting risk/reward mechanics in video games? (13:06)
  4. Which video game character would give the best deep tissue massage? (18:22)
  5. Improv Zone: Sony Keynote (22:33)
  6. Dirtbag Dilson asks: What is the most out of touch with reality game design idea you’ve ever heard? (28:09)
  7. Design a video game about the Nintendo 64 kid. (33:46)
  8. What is the most hellish assignment you can imagine for a video game composer? (36:54)
  9. Which video game set pieces would make the best Lego sets? (41:17)
  10. Who is the John Williams of video games? (46:26)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Name That Game Tune (51:01)

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Specifically Not A Recommendation:

Brandon: Documental


Frank: Kate Willaert,, Video Dames #0, Wild Gunman '74: Nintendo's Forgotten First FMV Game

Vince: Kate Willaert,, Video Dames #0, The True First Easter Egg: Ready Player One Was Wrong

Jaffe: Congratulations Kelsey Lewin, The Sculptor

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.