In which our heroes (and you!) are absolved of the sin of piracy by the highest authority in game history, and Ice the Goose reveals arcane knowledge of anthropology.

Questions this week:

  1. What the hell is wrong with Nintendo? (02:32)
  2. What games with a setting contemporary to release have best aged into being period pieces? (13:32)
  3. What’s your favorite kind of environment in video games? (18:36)
  4. Other than canceled, what do you predict Netflix’s Bioshock movie will be like? (24:19)
  5. Jerry BreadyToDie asks: When is autosaving better than manually saving, and vice versa? (33:12)
  6. How do you balance player progression with game difficulty? (38:37)
  7. Review Super Mario Bros. 2 in six minutes. (44:07)
  8. Write the first sentence and the last sentence of a text book about video games. (53:31)

Recommendations and Outro (55:45)

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Frank: Resident Evil 4 HD

Brandon: Green Frontier

Tim: Don’t buy crypto

Jaffe: Dog Days of Summer

Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers and Brandon Sheffield. Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.