Insert Credit covers GDC 2022 with Liz Ryerson reporting direct from the expo hall on a quest to achieve corporate heaven, while Brandon Sheffield gets quick hits from some prominent attendees and reflects on GDC itself.


  1. Heaven or Corporate Hell: The GDC 2022 Expo Hall, by Liz Ryerson (00:47)
  2. GDC 2022 Reports by Brandon Sheffield: standing in front of a mural (14:32)
  3. hotel report and lumbar pillow (16:34)
  4. fomo (18:47)
  5. Why Is the Whole Idea of Todd Howard Funny? An Investigation, by Kris Graft (21:23)
  6. hodd toward (23:15)
  7. bbc interview about the ukraine bundle (23:49)
  8. piloting through shit, with Rami Ismail (24:35)
  9. an anecdote about gdcs past, with Vincent Diamante (25:51)
  10. unfortunately configured pizza, with Tyriq Plummer (27:47)
  11. wearing a fuck nfts shirt in business meetings, with Xalavier Nelson Jr. (29:02)
  12. a story about discovering punk bands, with Chris Charla (31:56)
  13. flaccid exchanges and ambient jazz (33:07)
  14. san francisco and oakland are different places in america (34:57)
  15. america is a whole country that has san francisco and oakland in it (36:08)
  16. masking (36:48)
  17. an event conspiring (37:49)
  18. something to say, with Anita Sarkeesian (38:31)
  19. something interesting about anthropology, with Trent Kusters (38:53)
  20. the best pancakes in los angeles, with Teddy Dief (40:57)
  21. what lyft drivers know about stem cells, with Scott Jon Siegel (42:33)
  22. Mental Health, by Nick Suttner (43:53)
  23. international news (45:51)
  24. crashing a crypto party, with Frank Cifaldi and Kelsey Lewin (46:39)
  25. a little more to say, with Frank Cifaldi and Kelsey Lewin (52:29)
  26. bye forever (55:13)

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Hosted by Alex Jaffe, Liz Ryerson and Brandon Sheffield reporting. Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.