Another live show means discussion abounds regarding the new SimCity, the Spike VGAs, and the most pretentious video game ever made.

Questions this week:

  1. Q*Bert, narrated (02:06)
  2. Anatomy of a Fake Gamer (05:35)
  3. What video games feature the most interesting internal economy? (11:27)
  4. What would you like to be able to do in the new SimCity? (17:54)
  5. What categories would you add to the Spike TV Game Awards? (24:18)
  6. What music would you license for the next GTA? (31:00)
  7. Design Wikipedia: The Game. (35:09)
  8. How did video games come to be stereotyped as a male activity? (40:26)
  9. Which character archetypes could afford to disappear from games for a while? (47:06)
  10. What's the most pretentious video game ever made? (53:32)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Famous Historical Figure (01:01:28)

Edited by Andrew Toups. Music: Francoise Hardy – “Le Temps d’Amour”, Jacques Dutronc – “Les Playboys”, France Gall – “Teeny Weeny Boppie”, and Francoise Hardy – “Ce Petit Coeur”