The Four Guys get together to livestream some real talk about fighting game spinoffs, rail shooters, and the Mayan apocalypse.

Questions this week:

  1. Brandon’s homework assignment. Which RPG puzzles have you particularly actually enjoyed? (01:20)
  2. Why don't fighting game spin-offs work out? (06:00)
  3. What are the best ways to implement your phone's GPS into a mobile game? (12:23)
  4. Is there any good reason to keep making rail shooters? (17:40)
  5. How would you redraft ESRB policy? (24:02)
  6. In the context of video games, when is it okay to use the word "epic"? (30:17)
  7. What non-video game jobs would prepare you most to work in video games? (36:55)
  8. How will the impending Mayan apocalypse affect the video game industry? (44:54)
  9. Has there ever been a minigame better than the game it was in? (51:17)
  10. Redesign Minesweeper as a Tetsuya Nomura RPG. (57:52)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Sacred Cow Barbecue (01:04:10)

Edited by Andrew Toups.